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 Spending time with animals. It's where unconditional love is grown.  From bunnies to a rescued donkey... this farm may be little, but it's heart is big.

Little     Farm



  • gather fresh eggs to take home

  • learn tricks on our giant horse

  • ride ponies bareback in arena

  • hold a hedgehog

  • cuddle bunnies & chickens 

  • meet a mini kangaroo

  • feed a pig 

  • rock a sheep to sleep in your lap

  • dip in the pond with duck & goose

  • walk mini donkey to starbucks

  • horse carriage rides *add 150

  • make "no bake" horse treats

  • brush willow the mini horse

Little Farm Visits

1-2 children + 1-2 adults

1 & 1/2 hrs       $400

reservation required

* visits are tailor made to include as many farm activities as time allows





There is a unique tranquilty here.

A small backyard farm that invites you in to be inspired.


Gathering fresh eggs, embracing velvety bunnies & feeling the tickle of a mini kangaroo's whiskers. 


A large & lovely pig may twirl for a banana chip. The tiniest bald piglet will steal your heart & a carrot.


There's such peaceful beauty in a wooly sheep falling asleep in your lap, or a prickly hedgehog resting comfortably in a child's little hand.


As the sun kisses smiling faces, take a dip in the pond with a duck & goose.



This... is love. Naturally.


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